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Watch: This Miami Hot Dog Stand Is a Go-To Favorite

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‘Dining on a Dime’ samples chili dogs galore at Arbetter’s

As Dining on a Dime continues its Miami season, I’m excited to visit this next stop — a fun and casual, bright yellow hot dog stand in the city’s Westchester neighborhood called Arbetter’s.

Pulling up to the over 50-year-old restaurant is like being transported back into its opening days. Relatively nothing about the space has changed — except for a few fresh coats of yellow paint and two or three new awnings — and to hear owner Dave Arbetter tell it, little in how the restaurant does things has changed, either. For me, hot dogs are all about taste and sense memory — being transported back to a simpler, more carefree time when I used to have hot dogs at baseball games. Arbetter’s delivers that and more.

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