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Watch Anthony Bourdain School a TMZ Reporter Outside LAX

The Parts Unknown host has the perfect response to a paparazzo

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Globe-trotting author/TV host/wise-cracker Anthony Bourdain does not suffer fools gladly — especially after a long cross-country flight. Case in point: The scene captured in this hilarious new TMZ video, in which a reporter ambushes Bourdain as he’s exiting LAX and asks him, “Would you be down to do a No Reservations North Korea?” Tony’s pitch-perfect response: “No, because A) I don’t make that series anymore; I left that network years ago. And B) There’s nothing they’re going to let you see in North Korea. It’s a totally unpleasant government.”

The reporter then asks Tony: “You’d never go there to sample the food and stuff?” And he replies: “Most of the population are starving. Don’t you think that’d be in kind of bad taste?” As the paparazzo keeps badgering Bourdain on his way to the parking garage, Tony calls Kim Jong-Un “a chubby evil little fuck,” and he says that if forced to serve a meal to him and Donald Trump, he would offer them “hemlock.”

In other Bourdain news, Tony’s CNN travel program Parts Unknown returns for its tenth season on October 1, with an episode all about Singapore.

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