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Fancy Hotel Uses 10-Pound Doughnut Cake as Millennial Bait

Could you resist taking a photo of this thing?

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Facebook/JW Marriot

Major hotel chains are now pulling out all the stops to try to get young people to book rooms with them instead of Airbnb. That might explain why the ritzy JW Marriott Desert Springs in Palm Desert, CA is now offering a “donut disturb” package that includes a comically large, 10-pound frosted round of dough that’s wheeled to the room on a cart along with some milkshakes for dipping. Surely, any true died-in-the-wool millennial with a cell phone and at least 1K Instagram followers simply could not resist taking photos of this thing and sharing it with all their pals.

This colorful confection looks like a gigantic version of the doughnuts that Homer Simpson eats on the regular, but it is, in fact, just a fancy cake that looks like a doughnut. It’s not fried, and according to Food Beast, the cake has layers of “Tahitian vanilla cake, cream, and raspberry jelly” in the middle. The top is coated with a bright pink fondant, a layer of cream-based frosting, and multi-colored jimmies. The whole shebang costs $219, which is a lot of dough, but at least the package comes with a $50 credit for the hotel’s restaurant, spa, and golf course.

For the launch of this pastry behemoth, the JW Marriott had the kitchen crew create two even bigger version of the cake for photo ops — one weighed around 40 pounds (pictured above), and the second was 100 pounds of cake.

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