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Starbucks Joins Fight Against Trump Over DACA Repeal

The coffee giant is pledging its support for Dreamers

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Following the Trump administration’s announcement that it will repeal the Deferred Action for Children Arrivals program, major U.S. employers — including coffee giant Starbucks — are speaking out.

DACA permits undocumented immigrants who come to the U.S. as children to work and attend school here legally. On Tuesday, the White House said it’s axing the program, putting hundreds of thousands of “Dreamers,” as DACA participants are known, at risk of deportation. In response, 16 states have filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration, arguing that the move to nix DACA is discriminatory and violates due process.

Among the companies pledging support for this legal action are Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks, which yesterday issued a letter to its U.S. employees to address the impending DACA repeal.

“Starbucks will continue to stand with the hundreds of thousands of Dreamers impacted by yesterday’s announcement, including those we are proud to call Starbucks partners,” the letter reads in part. “These young people are in America through no fault of their own. They are contributing to their community and to the economy — this is their home.”

The company reimburses employees for the biennial fees required to remain in the DACA program, and says 84 Starbucks partners across 18 U.S. states have taken advantage of this policy, noting that the actual number of DACA participants working for Starbucks “is likely substantially more.”

“Forcing productive members of our community to leave is unacceptable,” the letter attributed to CEO Kevin Johnson and chief partner officer Lucy Helm continues. “We urge lawmakers to come together and pass legislation that keeps our Dreamers home.”

Starbucks has never been one to shy away from making political statements, particularly since Trump moved into the White House: Founder Howard Schultz, who was rumored to have been Hillary Clinton’s pick for labor secretary, recently spoke out against “the empowerment of white supremacists” following the tragic events in Charlottesville. Now that the coffee giant is pledging its support for Dreamers, it’s only a matter of time until those on the other side of the political spectrum start calling for another Starbucks boycott.

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