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French Cheese Lovers Trolled By Inaccurate Whole Foods Map

Plus, Fatburger files to go public and more news to know today

A corrected cheese map
  • Whole Foods is trolling French cheese lovers with its inaccurate in-store map:
  • Starting this school year, lunch for all New York City public school children will be free. “This is about equity,” Carmen Fariña told the New York Times. “All communities matter.” About 75 percent of New York City schoolchildren already qualified for free or reduced price lunch, but this will save the rest of the families $300 a year.

  • Kentucky’s official state drink is milk — the bill to make it so was proposed by a dairy farmer senator — and bourbon enthusiasts just launched a petition to change that.

  • A consumer’s group in California wants to convince a California court that coffee contains enough cancerous carcinogens that all coffee products sold in the state should carry a health warning. Starbucks and other coffee industry sellers are fighting it.

  • The parent company to burger chain Fatburger inches closer to going public. FAT Brands Inc. filed with the SEC and applied to list its common stock on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “FAT.” Meanwhile the company is acquiring the parent company to Ponderosa Steakhouse.

  • The twitterverse had real strong reactions to a trolly Food & Wine tweet about chicken sashimi. Funnily enough the story it links to is actually about the twitterverse’s reaction to a chef’s tweet (which they don’t link perhaps because he deleted it?) about his love for said Japanese delicacy.

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