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Bollywood’s ‘Chef’ Remake Looks Better Than the Original

It might make you feel a little sad, though

Jon Favreau’s 2014 movie Chef has now been fully remade by Bollywood director Raja Krishna Menon — and the trailer looks pretty great. Just like in the original film, the story focuses on a burned-out chef (here played by Saif Ali Khan) who throws his career on the fire to go on a food-fueled road trip with his son (Svar Kamble). By the end of their journey, the father and son are serving food out of a double-decker bus to throngs of hungry people.

When the remake was announced two years ago, Favreau remarked: “I'm excited to see how this personal film translates to the Indian culture... The themes of food, music, and family should resonate well.” Judging by the trailer, this new film trades some of the crass humor of the original for deeper, heartfelt moments between the father and son, The last beat of the trailer, in particular, seems designed to make you tear up a little bit. The food in this new Chef really pops off the screen, too.

Chef opens in India on October 6. Stay tuned for details about the American release as they become available.

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