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McDonald’s Has Officially Stopped Serving the McPizza

Plus, H-E-B’s impressive hurricane strat, and more intel to know today

  • The two final locations of McDonald’s serving the McPizza — in Ohio and West Virginia — no longer offer the ’90s-era fast food anomaly.
  • Texas’ favorite grocery store H-E-B brought its A-game during Hurricane Harvey last week and kept open 60 of its 83 Houston stores. The president of the chain’s Houston division spoke with LinkedIn about the behind-the-scenes preparation and response, which included “multiple command centers, a helicopter, private planes, military style vehicles and frequent calls to suppliers, urging them to send toilet paper — and to skip the Funyuns.”
  • The New York Times bought the Houston Chronicle lunch to thank them for their coverage of Hurricane Harvey.
  • Oh hey, it’s the microwave’s 50th anniversary. The first microwave, called the Radarange, debuted in 1967 for $495.
  • A lobsterman in Maine caught a translucent lobster.
  • Here’s a Yokohama vending machine that doles out handmade gyoza 24/7.
  • San Pellegrino’s annual “Young Chef” competition has announced its regional judges, and in nine of the award regions, not a single woman judge is included.
  • One of the last two revolving restaurants in Vancouver will close as its building is getting demolished and will be replaced by new sleek, glass towers. It opened in 1973 atop the brutalist Sheraton Landmark Hotel.
  • Coca-Cola launched a competition offering $1 million to the person who creates "a naturally sourced, safe, low- or no-calorie compound that creates the taste sensation of sugar when used in beverages." The soda brand already has products sweetened with Stevia, but reps tell NPR they need to innovate “and keep looking for new beverage ingredients to meet consumers' evolving tastes and lifestyles."
  • Tech Table Summit, a conference focused on tech in the restaurant industry, will take place on October 17 in New York this year. Tickets are $475. Speakers include David Barzelay of Lazy Bear, Neil Day of Blue Bottle Coffee, and Kevin Boehm of restaurant group BOKA.