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Whole Foods Customers Might Have Had Their Credit Card Info Stolen

The breach only affects the grocer’s restaurants and taprooms, though


Maybe just start paying for everything in cash, because the data breach news keeps on coming: The latest company to reveal it’s had customers’ credit card info stolen is Whole Foods.

The grocer that now answers to Amazon as its overlord released a statement on Thursday saying that it recently received information “regarding unauthorized access of payment card information used at certain venues such as taprooms and full table-service restaurants located within some stores.” Whole Foods uses a different point-of-sales system for its grocery checkout lines, however, and it says those were not affected — so people who only hit up the store for fancy goat yogurt and organic plums, rather than a pint of craft beer or a veggie burger, are likely safe.

Whole Foods says it’s investigating the breach and will release further info as it becomes available. Other companies that have suffered credit card breaches in recent months include Sonic, Chipotle, and Arby’s, not to mention the massive Equifax breach that may have compromised millions of Social Security numbers — meaning just about everyone would be wise to keep a close eye on both their bank statements and credit reports.

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