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Danish Lego Complex Features Three Outrageous Restaurants

This colorful playhouse offers so many strange ways to dine

At Lego House, a new 12,000-square-meter entertainment complex in Billund, Denmark, visitors can dine at one of three unusual restaurants after they’re finished playing with those little colorful bricks.

Lego House/The Verge

The casual Brickaccino Cafe includes some reference to The Lego Movie on its menu board, like an “Everything is Awesome” smoothie and an “overpriced coffee.” The fanciest restaurant, dubbed Le Gourmet, offers tasting menus of Nordic/French fare starting at $37 for lunch and $67 per dinner. But arguably the coolest of the bunch is Mini Chef, an establishment where guests “build” their orders out of blocks, feed it into a little machine, watch the Lego characters prepare the food, and then pick up the completed meal from a giant, friendly robot. Here’s what that last experience looks like:

Admission to this Lego funplex costs around $31 USD, but guests can visit the restaurants without buying tickets to the main event. Take a tour of this colorful new attraction over on the Verge.

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