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Times Square Is Getting a ‘Mad Men’ Restaurant and ‘Hunger Games’ Bakery

Lionsgate Films wants to cash in on movie- and TV-loving tourists

Madame Tussauds New York And Jon Hamm Unveil Don Draper's Wax Figure During Mad Men's Final Season Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Madame Tussauds

Lionsgate Films is plotting a movie- and television-themed entertainment complex in Times Square, targeting “teens and young adults” with what sounds like Universal Studios-type attractions. This venture will include a Mad Men-branded restaurant and a bakery and sweets shop straight of Hunger Games, according to Deadline.

There aren’t many details available at the moment, but Deadline reports the Mad Men part of the project is being described as a “dining and lounge experience.” This doesn’t seem like a place that would be appropriate for teens and young adults to visit, unless Lionsgate wants to teach young people that their lives will inevitably crumble into a never-ending cycle of betrayal and self-degradation. Sounds like a good time.

As for the Hunger Games elements, visitors can expect to find the Capitol Confectionary, which will presumably offer various candies inspired by the movies, and Peeta’s Bakery, named for Jennifer Lawrence’s hunky love interest. The latter brings this to mind:

Plans also include rides, merchandise outlets, and more fun stuff that will be sure to make Lionsgate piles of money. The theme park is expected to open in 2019, per Deadline.

Lionsgate Plans Times Square Attraction: ‘Mad Men’ Restaurant, ‘Hunger Games’ Flying Simulator & ‘John Wick’ Ride [Deadline]
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