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René Redzepi Posts a Video Update on What the Noma Team Has Been Up to

Noma 2.0 is on track to open early 2018

Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

The team behind groundbreaking Copenhagen restaurant Noma has been traveling around Scandinavia for months to gain inspiration for the impending opening of Noma 2.0, and now, chef René Redzepi has posted a video update on what exactly they’ve been up to. On a backdrop of footage from his current picturesque location on the Faroe Islands — a volcanic archipelago in the North Atlantic — Redzepi explains why the team has been “going from farm to farm, butcher to butcher, from fisherman to fisherman” in Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

This journey, he says, has allowed the Noma team to “see what’s out there” and “meet new friends” so they can open the Noma with new ingredients, inspiration, and practical knowledge. “We’re excited for the next 14 years to push again, to learn again, to be searching, not actually 100 percent knowing where you want to be,” Redzepi says.

Redzepi closed Noma last year to reopen in a new Copehnagen location with an urban farm. Following a construction delay due to an ancient stone wall, Noma is on track to open in the beginning of 2018, which Redzepi says, may in fact be a good thing. “We have a month more to work on the new menus and fresh ideas. We’re actually really happy about that,” he says in the video. “You’re just going to have to wait and see what’s coming.” If this video update is any indication, expect seafood.

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