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Japanese Ad Shows Alien Teat Squirting Milk Into a Sea of Children

Here is a truly unique ad

A new commercial from Japanese company Rakunoh Mother’s is destined to go down in the Dairy Ad Hall of Fame, right next to the “Got Milk?” campaign of the ’90s, and the “Milk: It Does a Body Good” series of the ’80s. This one is quite a bit weirder than anything from those two campaigns, though.

In the clip, an engorged nipple springs from the bottom of a cow-spotted UFO and squirts milk into a crowd of children holding their glasses up to the sky. Once their cups are full, the kids solemnly sip from them, in unison. There is no need to fear the extraterrestrial cow udder; it is a calming presence in the galaxy. Watch the bizarre ad, in its entirety, above.

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