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This Avocado Toast Looks Like Jabba the Hutt

An edible homage to cinema’s favorite space slug

Star Wars-obsessed food blogger Jenn Fujikawa recently figured out how to create a perfect likeness of Return of the Jedi’s bad guy Jabba the Hutt out of avocado, hummus, and a piece of toast. The recipe — which is available on the official Star Wars fan hub, along with instructional photos — involves cutting tiny slices of mango for the eyes, using two sesame seeds for Hutt’s nostrils, and drawing his mouth with a drizzle of honey. You might consider making this fairly labor-intensive dish using a Darth Vader toaster and pairing it with some coffee from an R2-D2 French press before settling in for a Star Wars movie marathon.

And here is some extra food for thought: Maybe millennials could afford more Millennium Falcons if they didn’t spend all their money on Jabbacado toasts?

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