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Watch the ‘Tonight Show’ Troll People on How to Pronounce ‘LaCroix’

“What is your favorite flavor of La CHHHHHK”

Over the last few years, LaCroix has become one of America’s favorite semi-fancy fizzy waters — and yet, a lot of people are still in the dark about how to pronounce the name of this product (according to the beverage’s official homepage, it’s “la-croy”). This week, the Tonight Show decided to poke a bit of fun at people’s hazy understanding of LaCroix pronunciation by sending one of the staff’s writers, Arthur, to poll passersby at Rockefeller Center about the drink. To further complicate things, Arthur gets very creative with his interpretive pronunciations, calling it things like “La CHHHHHK,” “LOL Clowns,” and “Los Angeles Croy.” Watch the lightly effervescent hilarity ensue in the clip above.

The Tonight Show [YouTube]
All Pop Culture Coverage [E]

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