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Restaurants Targeted With ‘Whites Only’ Stickers in St. Louis

Plus what Martha Stewart thinks of pumpkin spice, and more food news

A sticker affixed to a handful of restaurants in St. Louis Tuesday night.
Layla restaurant’s Facebook page
  • Some restaurant owners in St. Louis found giant ”Whites Only” stickers affixed to their doors with a #BLM hashtag yesterday morning. The vandals targeted at least four restaurants, and many assume they are trying to discredit the Black Lives Matter movement and wonder if restaurants were chosen because of their inclusiveness or their support for the recent protests across the city.

  • Last week, a fan asked Martha Stewart "Is pumpkin spice everything delicious or for basic bitches only?" She responded: “The latter”:

  • Paul McCartney wishes Mario Batali and Jimmy Fallon a happy birthday:
  • Being the voice of the Taco Bell chihuahua was the easiest and best job for actor Carlos Alazraqui (though he seems bitter he didn’t get more attention for it).

  • Chef Sean Brock would like to try some yellowjacket soup:

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