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Michelin Announces 2018 Stars for Shanghai

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Ultraviolet is the second Shanghai restaurant to receive three stars

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Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

For only the second time in the guidebook’s history, Michelin has announced stars for Shanghai. Last year marked the debut of the Shanghai guide and the first time Michelin made inroads into mainland China. This year, the tire company better known for its signature star-based rating system has awarded 30 restaurants in Shanghai one or more Michelin stars.

Two restaurants in the 2018 guide have three Michelin stars. Ultraviolet, the multi-sensory, 10-seat restaurant from French chef Paul Pairet, joins T’ang Court in that top tier. In a press release, Michelin praised the restaurant for offering “avant-garde cuisine of a very high standard, a real gourmet journey.” There are now six Shanghai restaurants with two stars and 22 with one Michelin star, including four brand-new selections.

When the first edition of the Michelin Guide Shanghai was released last year, local dining experts were critical of its focus on fine dining and noted that Michelin’s anonymous inspectors, not based in Shanghai, would have difficulty capturing “the essence of local delicacies.”

Michelin has expanded coverage of Asia in recent years and has awarded stars to food establishments that aren’t fine-dining restaurants. The guide recognized street food for the first time in the Hong Kong and Macau guide, and in Singapore, Michelin gave stars to some of the country’s famed hawker stalls. Michelin also recognizes restaurants that “offer quality cuisine at an affordable price” with the un-starred Bib Gourmand award. This year, 27 Shanghai restaurants have received this distinction.

Below, the full list of stars for Shanghai and the press release.

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