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Jennifer Lawrence Got Into a Beer-Soaked Brawl in Budapest

You definitely want to be on her side when a fight breaks out

Jennifer Lawrence is the rare action movie star who’s not afraid to get into fights with bad guys in real life, too. During her visit to Late Night With Seth Meyers this week, the star of Mother recounted the tale of a beer-filled night in Budapest when she turned down a fan’s request for a selfie, and he cursed her out. Something in her snapped, and Lawrence explains: “I grabbed him and I took beers, and I started dousing them all over him.” J. Law then spotted a suitcase that the fellow had brought with him to the bar, and she started pouring beer all over that too. The altercation ended after Lawrence’s friend grabbed her from behind and told her not to waste beer, and that calmed her down.

Watch Lawrence tell the story, with wine glass in hand, in the clip above, and if you want to hear the Hunger Games star talk about spiking Michel Pfeiffer's iced tea, scroll back to the 2:10 mark.

Jennifer Lawrence Got Into a Bar Fight [YouTube]
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