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Watch: A Sneak Peek at Anthony Bourdain’s New Food Waste Documentary

Chef Dan Barber explains how less-desirable ingredients have shaped food cultures around the world

Can Anthony Bourdain and a star-studded cast of famous chefs bring light to the global problem of food waste? The Parts Unknown host hopes his new documentary, Wasted! The Story of Food Waste, will do just that. The movie will hit theaters on October 13, and now eager Bourdain fanatics can get an early look via this exclusive clip.

Chef Dan Barber of celebrated New York restaurants Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns appears in the scene to prepare what Bourdain calls a “truly sustainable plate of food.” Barber, whose WastED pop-ups have put typically discarded ingredients on fine-dining menus in NYC and London, explains how scraps destined for a trash heap have influenced global cuisine for generations.

“Fishermen’s wives took the damaged and unsellable fish, and they created a big stew of all this reject fish and called it a bouillabaisse,” Barber says. “Prosciutto di parma: That pig is a waste-fed pig, but you don’t call it ‘waste pork.’

That’s why these dishes become so important, because they’re not sold as waste, they’re sold as what they are, which is delicious dishes.”

Bourdain veterans and Emmy winners Anna Chai (The Mind of a Chef and The Layover) and Nari Kye (The Mind of a Chef and No Reservations) directed. The documentary was produced by Zero Point Zero, the same production company behind Parts Unknown. The 10th season of Bourdain’s CNN series will premiere a couple of weeks before Wasted’s release, on October 1.

Wasted’s movie poster.
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