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Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass Sold Out in One Second

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22,000 people got eight weeks of bottomless pasta bowls for $100

Olive Garden

Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass went on sale today and all 22,000 $100 passes sold out in less than one second, according to the company.

Each card entitles its holder to eight weeks of unlimited pasta bowls (plus the requisite soup or salad and breadsticks) between September 25 and November 19. There are no limits on how often pass holders can visit, so the actual monetary value of the pass is truly only limited by one’s stomach space and tolerance for mid-level chain restaurant playlists.

The passes went on sale Thursday, September 14 at 2 p.m. EST at The chain planned to keep the sale going for 30 minutes, but just as with last year the passes sold out in literally one second. This year the chain sold 1,000 more passes than it did last year, 22,000 in all.

This year Olive Garden also offered 50 extra-special Pasta Passes: Priced at $200, their pasta-bingeing capabilities come along with an eight-day trip to Italy for the purchaser and a guest. (The trip is all-inclusive, though OG’s website does not specify whether or not the included meals will consist of all-you-can-eat pasta bowls and breadsticks.) Those passes also sold out, according to the company, within that first second of going on sale.

Each Pasta Pass is inscribed with the purchaser’s name and can only be used by that individual, ensuring that there’s no eBay black market for these coveted carb-loading memberships. Now, let us pray that all 22,000 of these pass holders remember to tip their servers.

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