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Oktoberfest Adidas Will Protect Your Feet From Beer and Puke

They’re only appropriate footwear for a festive fall celebration 

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Adidas München

When crafting their special Oktoberfest-themed sneakers, the thoughtful people at Adidas considered all the things that could go wrong during an afternoon of jovial beer drinking and sausage-snarfing. Certainly, in the midst of a full-blown Oktoberfest rager, an accordion player in an oompah band might bump into you as he’s fanning his squeezebox, and the impact might result in some spilled beer all over your feet. Or, in a very worst (wurst?) case scenario, one of the revelers at the party might ingest one too many landjägers and boot right there in the middle of the bierhalle.

Adidas München

A lot of bad stuff can happen amidst the revelry, so these nifty shoes have special DPBR coating — that acronym stands for “durable puke and beer repellent.” The shoes also have an exterior design that channels classic lederhosen, and the interior looks like red-and-white beer hall tablecloths.

They cots a cool $240, and are an instantly essential part of the food and drink-themed shoe cannon.

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