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These Are the Must-Have Shoes for Serious Food Obsessives

From Vans pizza slip-ons to Nike's chicken and waffle dunks

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The link between food and footwear design has gotten stronger and stronger in recent years, and now we have enough food-inspired sneakers to carry us through all appetites of the day, from breakfast to lunch to dinner and even dessert. From coffee and Krispy Kreme sneakers to pizza, beer, and Eton Mess high-tops, options are stacked high for the sneaker junkie.

Several brands have seen the strong link between food and footwear design and decided to launch their own exclusive shoe lines. Most recently, David Chang, maestro of the Momofuku empire, collaborated with Nike on a limited-edition sneaker with the restaurant group’s infamous peach logo on the shoe’s heel. As expected, people went crazy for these peachy sneakers, waiting in line for hours.

The beauty of the food sneaker is not only its effortless style, but also its ability to display love and affection for one’s favorite foods and brands. Pizza is cool, loving pizza is cool. Instagrammed pizza is probably cooler, but posts on Instagram are fleeting. Pizza shoes extend the cool and cultural declaration as long as the wearer chooses.

A pair of Nike Dunks is at least $100, and special designs like the premium chicken and waffles pair goes for twice that. It’s not practical to buy the whole spectrum of food sneakers, so here's a ranking to make decision time easier. Here, now, a list of notable and recent food sneaker designs in shoe history. The list is ordered from the shoes that embrace the food theme most visibly, to those that only draw half-assed tie-ins like “food-inspired colors.”

1. Adidas Pepperoni Pie Sneakers

Those pepperoni slices scream “these are pizza shoes.”


2. Nike Chicken and Waffles Dunks

Waffle details are on point with the drizzle of maple syrup, but where is the fried chicken?


3. Vans Pizza Slip-ons

These are must-have items for passionate pizza lovers, along pizza t-shirts and pizza onesies.


4. Concepts X Nike SB Dunk ‘Red Lobster’

No need to cut the rubber strap to move toes (or claws?); it’s removable.


5 (dessert-inspired tie). Vans Cupcake Sneakers

These cute sneakers will any outfit sweeter.


5 (dessert-inspired tie). Vans Rainbow Printed Macaroons Sneakers

Pretty sure that there are seven colors in the rainbow, but are there seven colors of macaroons on these sneakers? (No.) Regardless, they are cute.


6. Vans Taco Sneakers

No need to taco-bout how cute these sneakers are.


7. Adidas Shrimp & Grits Sneaker

Again, there is a shrimp, but where are the grits?


8. Adidas Georgia Peach Sneaker

Georgia Peach Shoe? More like Florida Orange Shoe.


9. Vans Burger Slip-ons

Is this design a delicious-looking burger or a piece of art? Both.


10. Saucony Sushi

These stylish sneakers feature sushi-inspired colors: But since when is turquoise considered a sushi-inspired color?


11. Saucony Shrimp Scampi Sneaker

What a cute pair of shoes! But still looking for the connection with this shoe and shrimp scampi.


12. Extra Butter X Reebok Ventilator “Street Meat”

This sporty pair of shoes has a beautiful balance of colors, just like the halal plate from the cart. But they need more signature white sauce.


13. Nike Whataburger Sneakers


Dank Customs

14. Saucony Mint Chocolate Chip Sneakers

This pair are just mint-colored shoes: no chocolate chips, no mint chocolate chip ice cream.


15. UBIQ X Saucony “Dirty Martini”

Are these shoes “Dirty Martini” inspired or just dirty green? (More olives, please.)


16. Nike Eton Mess Sneakers

Eton Mess is a simple dessert, made with meringue, whipped cream, and strawberries. This stylish pair of shoes look white and airy like whipped cream and meringue, but are the strawberries spoiled?


17. Nike Krispy Kreme Basketball Shoes

This kick is missing Krispy Kreme’s signature thick, sugary glaze.

18. Nike Heineken Sneakers

Green bottle and red stars are signature to Heineken beers, but are they obvious on these shoes? Don’t think so.


19. Vans White Castle Slip-ons

What’s missing in these on-brand sneakers are its signature square patties and cooked onions.


20. Nike Coffee Dunks

This Starbucks-inspired shoes are just brown shoes. Where is the iconic mermaid?


21. Guy Fieri Sneakers

Of course, that skull design was necessary for Guy Fieri’s brand.

Guy Fieri

Honorable Mentions:

Hamburger Crocs

Look how tragically beautiful these shoes are.