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A Gourmet PB&J Restaurant Is Opening in LA

A nostalgia trip through childhood, for just $5-$8

Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

Brace: a restaurant dedicated to gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is headed to LA. The round, crustless, packaged sandwiches (sound familiar?) will soon be available at PBJ.LA, a 12-seat stall in downtown’s Grand Central Market, thanks to prolific LA restaurateur Adam Fleischman, Eater LA reports.

Fleischman, the man behind Umami Burger and pizza chain 800 Degrees, explained to the LA Times in July that these sandwiches will be different from Smucker’s Uncrustables, which are available in the freezer aisle of any respectable grocery store. Aside from being “gourmet,” at PBJ.LA the crustless PB&Js, complete with cinched edges, will come with a variety of nut butters and jellies, with some featuring wholly grown up ingredients like Angostura bitters and rosé and stone fruit jam. (Of course, rosé.)

Prices start at $5 for the basic strawberry jam and peanut butter sandwich, while Indian and Italian versions will cost a few bucks more. It’s less than the price of avocado toast, but still way more than mom charged. Dressed up almond milks, like vanilla lavender and Peruvian cacao, are also on the menu, because what true millennial would ever drink regular milk with a PB&J?

No word yet on whether Smucker’s has anything to say about the forthcoming restaurant, though it’s worth noting that the company known for its fruit spreads never managed to secure a patent for their own round, crustless, packaged peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Here’s the Menu for Adam Fleischman’s New PB&J (Minus the Crust) Restaurant [ELA]