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The Perfect Oreo Dunk Is Three Seconds Long

Plus, why ‘Bon App’ thinks Chicago is the best food city, and more news to know

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Faiz Zaki/Shutterstock
  • The science behind the optimal dunk time (three seconds) of an Oreo cookie involves calculating the cookie’s rate of liquid absorption. According to researchers, Oreos absorbed 80 percent of their potential liquid weight in milk after just two seconds; that rate flatlined, meaning no more milk could be absorbed, at the four-second mark.
  • Papa John’s spent two years developing a gluten-free crust made of quinoa, sorghum, teff, and amaranth, but now has to tell celiacs and the gluten-averse to avoid buying it, because they can’t guarantee a gluten-free product once employees touch it.
  • It’s the little things — fresh pasta instead of dried, getting rid of coursed ordering, keeping meatballs warm — that makes Jon & Vinny’s in Los Angeles operate at maximum efficiency.
  • McDonald’s wants to double its restaurants in China by 2022.
  • A Tasmanian city is phasing out single-use plastic containers, commonly used for takeout, by 2020. Restaurants will need to use containers made of cardboard, cornstarch, or bamboo for food deliveries.
  • 10 reasons why Bon Appetit thinks Chicago is America’s best dining town.
  • Christian Millau, the founder of France’s influential magazine, restaurant guide, and Michelin rival Gault-Millau, died on Saturday in Paris. He was 88.
  • Oprah now has a line of refrigerated soups and sides called “O, That’s Good.”
  • A brewery in Toronto is planning a giant Game of Thrones festival.