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Oreo Cookie Dough Is Dessert Inception

Here’s a new way to eat America’s favorite sandwich cookies -

The Cookie Dough Cafe

For some reason, people keep tampering with the simple, but perfect treat known as the Oreo cookie. Over the last few years, Nabisco has played around with Pop Rocks, Swedish Fish, pumpkin spice, and Peeps varieties of the popular black and white cookie. And now, the crazed confectioners behind The Cookie Dough Cafe, an online and wholesale-only operation, are releasing a version of their signature dough that’s mixed with actual Oreo cookies.

It’s kind of like that hand drawing the hand, or that photo of Tom Selleck where his eyebrows are Tom Selleck mustaches — a chocolatey mystery wrapped in a creamy enigma, in a jar near the back of the fridge. Like all of the company’s products, this cookie dough is intended for eating, not baking, so it’s really a cousin of the spreadable Oreos that Dominique Ansel created last summer, and the cookie butter that Trader Joe’s can barely keep in stock.

The product is not listed on The Cookie Dough Cafe’s homepage, but the company has been teasing the release over the last few weeks on social media, and the snack enthusiast behind @thejunkfoodaisle spotted the Oreo dough at a location of Chicago-area grocery chain Mariano’s earlier this week.

The release of this treat is further proof that this is the summer of raw cookie dough.

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