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Japan’s First Cat Cafe Train Combines Eating, Traveling, and Feline Bonding

Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Yoro Railway Train

Although cat cafes are just starting to take root in America, the trend has been around in Japan for so long — around 13 years — that it’s evolved into all sorts of exciting permutations. Case in point: One of the Gifu Prefecture’s most popular feline-themed coffee houses, Sanctuary, is offering its fans a chance to enjoy some lunch and kitty time while riding a train between two stations. The maiden journey of the cat cafe train next month will include a bento box lunch, sweets, and a ticket available for travel all day, for around $27.

Just like at Sanctuary’s permanent cafes, all the animals aboard the train will be rescue cats. Tickets for this special one-off event sold out in a day, but who knows? If the cat cafe train is a hit, perhaps Sanctuary will keep organizing these lunchtime animal-themed excursions.

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