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Morgan Spurlock Tackles Big Chicken in ‘Super Size Me’ Sequel

The doc will make its film festival premiere this fall

Holy Chicken!

Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is gearing up to debut the sequel to his wildly popular 2004 movie Super Size Me — and this time around he’s taking on the chicken industry. Variety notes that Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! will focus on Spurlock as he “opens his own fast-food restaurant.” Presumably, the fast-food restaurant in the film is Holy Chicken!, the four-day fried chicken sandwich pop-up that Spurlock opened in Columbus, Ohio last year.

Holy Chicken! was really a quasi-parody of modern fast-casual chains: a tongue-in-cheek mission statement adorned one wall, a note under a food photo explained that the slaw was styled using K-Y Jelly, and even the tap water was listed as “artisanal.” At this temporary restaurant, Spurlock and his team served fried chicken sandwiches made from ethically-grown local birds, plus a few side dishes. Spurlock hinted at plans to turn the pop-up into a permanent business, although it’s unclear whether that’s still in the works.

Last fall, the filmmaker told Eater about his goal for this unusual project: “I think we have the ability to change the way fast food functions and change the way people look at it as a result.” Presumably, the new Super Size Me will explore the inner-workings of chains that partner with the “big chicken” industry, and the challenges of opening an ethically-minded fast food restaurant.

Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! is slated to premiere next month at the Toronto International Film Festival, which kicks off on September 7. Stay tuned for more details on the release of the film as they become available.

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