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$40 Seltzer Flight Tastes Like Regret

We’ve reached peak foodie

Even at Whole Foods, the Official Market for Coastal Elites and Their Landlocked Pals™, a sleeve of La Croix costs no more than $7. Which is why it’s more than a little surprising to see that Top Chef veteran Tiffani Faison is pushing a four-pack of artisanal seltzer with airplane-style chasers of Tito’s vodka for $40 at her Boston-area barbecue restaurant Sweet Cheeks.

To ensure that guests will fully regret this purchase, the cans also have incredibly dopey names like Yeti Mischief, Dragon Whispers, Mermaid Songs, and Unicorn Kisses. Maybe the seltzer company should add Yupster Tears to the roster as well?

UPDATE: In a Facebook post, Tiffani Faison notes that her team is donating “a dollar for each of the sodas sold to BAGLY (Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian & Transgendered Youth).”

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