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$5 Wines Are Coming to Target

Plus, the couple that went to every Cracker Barrel in America and other food news

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  • Trader Joe’s iconic “two buck Chuck” may have a rival now: Target just introduced a line of $5 wines coming to stores on September 3. Cheers to that.
  • This adorable couple reached a significant milestone for eating at their final 645th Cracker Barrel location. They’ve spent the last 30 years trying to achieve this goal and are clearly living their best lives together.
  • Can Cheerios claim exclusive rights to use the color yellow? Nice try, but a judge just struck down their two-year appeal to trademark the hue.
  • This tweet proves (again) that burgers can make the world a better place. For more on Hurricane Harvey’s impact on the Houston restaurant community, head here.
  • Dear Lays, Houston needs more classic potato chips.
  • By May 2018, movie theater popcorn, nachos, and beer will all display calorie counts. “Everyone is entitled to the information they need to make informed decisions about the food they eat,” the FDA commissioner says. Here’s more on the law:

The menu labeling rule, which was finalized in 2014, applies to chains with 20 or more locations that serve up what the FDA calls restaurant-type food. It is a sweeping definition that covers as disparate locations as 7-Eleven and Sweetgreen as well as Capital Grille and your local Giant grocery store. The premise of the rule is simple: Chains must post calorie counts right on their menus so diners can see the numbers when they place their orders.

  • A bunch of merchandise over at Starbucks’s online shop is up to 50 percent off as the brand prepares to shutter the online store for good. Now’s the time to get those Starbucks ornaments you’ve always wanted.
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s animatronic band is dead, but the history of this iconic band — comprised of “egregiously loud, objectively scary robot skeletons” — will live forever.
  • Chipotle has recently added much-needed queso to its menu, but the brand still continues to struggle as avocado prices surge.
  • These emoji-themed dim sums are too cute to eat. Almost.


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