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The 13 Best Tweets About the Whole Foods/Amazon Merger

Dropping avocado prices is millennial bait, after all

Whole Foods signage Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It’s Twitter official: Amazon’s merger with Whole Foods is a win for people who have spent the last 36 years turned off by the specialty grocer’s “Whole Paycheck” image. As part of the its acquisition of the grocery store, Amazon promised to lower Whole Foods prices: They wasted no time making good on the promise, dropping prices Monday, Day One of the merger. And Twitter wasted no time rejoicing (save, of course, for the shoppers who are advocating for a Whole Foods boycott).

For years, Whole Foods has fought an image of being expensive and high-brow, even after attempts to push its private label concept 365 through 365 markets and urban initiatives. But apparently that was not enough. The memes, gifs and jokes making their way across Twitter show people are more satisfied with being able to walk into a normal Whole Foods and be able to afford non-private label products from off the shelf. Here now, the best Twitter reactions:

There are those needling the brand for its placement of Amazon’s smart speaker, the Echo, in some stores; inexplicably, it’s considered to be “farm fresh”:

Others are excited at the idea of saving some money:

... though, of course, things could always be cheaper:

Others are seeing the long-term economic benefits of this deal:

And finally, at least one Whole Foods store wholeheartedly welcomes its new corporate overlords: