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People Are Boycotting Whole Foods Because of Breitbart

It’s a response to new parent company Amazon’s refusal to cease advertising on the far-right news site


Not everyone is excited about the cheaper avocados at Whole Foods. Grub Street reports some shoppers are calling for a Whole Foods boycott because of a messy situation between its new parent company, Amazon, and, a site known to spread hateful messaging and news with a conservative bent.

Thousands of companies, including Kellogg’s, Deliveroo, Dove’s Chocolate, and Organic Valley, have pulled their ads from Breitbart; previously, those ads could have been displayed on the page via third-party vendors. Consumers, led by groups like Grab Your Wallet, called on Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos to add its name to the list last November, but it has refrained.

In May, during Amazon’s last shareholders’ meeting, protesters marched outside Amazon’s headquarters, holding signs that read, “stop funding bigotry,” according to the Hill. Though that made a few headlines, it’s nothing compared to the visibility of protesting in front of or boycotting Whole Foods, the sustainably minded, supposedly altruistic chain that at least some conservatives believe is anti-Trump.

That’s a point of contention: as Grub Street points out, Whole Foods’ CEO John Mackey is “a complicated man ideologically.” He’s not as progressive as some might think. But Whole Foods’ mission statement is clearly at odds with Breitbart’s messaging. Will pressure from consumers be enough to move Bezos to action? Based on other controversies Amazon has weathered, it seems more likely that consumers will keep eating up that lower priced k.

Whole Foods has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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