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Watch: Pie Consultant Is the Sweetest Role on Broadway

Meet the woman behind the smells and savors on-stage and off at the pastry-centric musical Waitress

Many Broadway musicals have their own special pulls, like a guest actor or a special composer, but Sara Bareilles’ Waitress has its own secret ingredient: Stacy Connelly, the play’s real-life “pie consultant.”

As part of her role, Connelly bakes the pies used as props on stage, as well as the individually sized mason jar pies available for purchase at each performance. She also advises playrunners on how various scenes should be staged and lit for the show’s pie-related scenes.

Based on a book and indie movie, Waitress follows Jenna (currently played by Betsy Wolfe), a woman doing double-duty as both waitress and pie maker at her local diner, as she navigates an unhappy marriage, an unexpected affair, and life with a new baby on the way. Amidst it all, Jenna turns to baking pies as a sweet refuge from her sometimes unsavory circumstances. Waitress is playing in an open run at the Brooks Atkinson Theater at 256 W. 47th St.; watch the video above to learn more about Connelly’s cool job.

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