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Watch Al Franken Spend an Entire Today Show Segment Eating Corn

Plus, Ina Garten hates cilantro and more food news to know today

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  • Al Roker, Andrew Zimmern, and Senator Al Franken sampled some of the food offerings of the Minnesota State Fair on the TODAY show today. Franken spends the entire segment putting away an ear of corn while the other two sample the rest. It’s quite delightful how much he loves that corn:
Minute one
While they talk about meatballs...
While they talk about sausage...
While they talk about cinnamon buns...
Minute five. Check out Zimmern’s side-eye
  • Burger King has developed a cryptocurrency called “Whoppercoin.” It sounds pretty similar to a regular rewards program or a 2017 take on Wendy’s Bucks.

  • Ina Garten hates cilantro and doesn’t include it in any of her recipes.

  • Some analysts believe that Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods will negatively affect chain restaurants in the long term, because a) they aren’t as data informed as Amazon and b) fewer people shopping at brick and mortar stores means fewer customers popping into adjacent chain restaurants.