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Lagunitas Unleashes New IPA Made With Cannabis

Plus, a cocaine documentary from Gordon Ramsay and more food news

Room 76/Shutterstock
  • California-based brewery Lagunitas, which was recently purchased by Heineken International, has unleashed a beer containing cannabis extracts. The IPA, however, does not contain any THC, the compound that causes the marijuana-related high; instead, the SuperCritical IPA simply tastes like weed, without any of the side benefits of weed consumption.
  • Gordon Ramsay’s controversial documentary about the drug trade has a working title and an interested network: Gordon on Cocaine will air on ITV in the UK; according to Deadline, negotiations for a U.S. network are underway.
  • Chris Cosentino, the San Francisco chef who made his name cooking off-cuts and offal, now says so many diners are hip to offal that “it’s stopped being so cool.”
  • Starbucks unleashes a “mermaid Frappuccino” in Mexico.
  • To celebrate this Sunday’s Game of Thrones season finale, Arby’s will ostensibly serve up turkey legs at select locations. The nine Arby’s stores were all chosen for their surface similarities with some of the kingdoms in the fictional Westeros.
  • This Washington, DC restaurant supposedly gives staff a $500 bonus if they spot a restaurant critic in the dining room.
  • One of the front-runners in the lab-grown meat race just got a big cash infusion. Memphis Meats raised $17 million from a group that includes several business heavy-hitters, like Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Virgin’s Richard Branson.