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Everything You Should Eat, Read, and Watch This Fall

The sights, sounds, and — of course — tastes that will define this upcoming season

Spring is the time of year traditionally associated with rebirth, when much of the country shakes off months of deep chill to emerge, wide-eyed, into a world that seems ripe for remaking. But in the world of popular culture, it’s autumn — with its slate of new shows jostling for attention, books eager to populate readers’ wish lists, and restaurateurs shaking off the summer slump — that feels like the true season of new beginnings.

In this now-annual tradition, Eater breaks down the best views, reads, and bites of the upcoming months. Those looking to add new restaurants to their to-do lists should consult the 16 restaurant openings that will likely come to define American dining in 2017 — and the hundreds of brand-new options that entice at the local city level. Home cooks and memoir-lovers will want to read up on the 70+ must-have cookbooks of the season, which range from deep, nerdy dives into single food topics to sprawling attempts at capturing centuries-old cuisines. And fans of Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, and Amy Sedaris — not to mention the one-named wonders Martha and Snoop — have a lot to look forward to this fall, as favorite shows return to the (old-fashioned!) airwaves.

Photo by Shai Ben-Dor for Eater, styling by Brittany Holloway-Brown

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Editors: Hillary Dixler Canavan, Erin DeJesus, Daniela Galarza, Greg Morabito
Art direction by Brittany Holloway-Brown
Cover image: Photos by Evgeni Dinev Photography/Getty; Aniko Hobel/Getty; Nonesuch; Dylan James Ho; photo-illustration by Brittany Holloway-Brown
Special thanks to: Whitney Filloon, Carolyn Alburger, Sonia Chopra, Missy Frederick, Esra Erol, Mary Hough, James Park, Jesse Sparks, Bill Addison, Emma Alpern

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