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Chic Design Firm Transforms the Lowly Hot Dog Into Highbrow Furniture

This is the most expensive wiener you’ll ever buy

In its original form, the hot dog is a lowbrow food item. It’s typically cheap, a quick meal. One doesn’t want to know how it’s made. But given consideration by European furniture designers, the American classic becomes a work of art. Amsterdam- and Antwerp-based firm Studio Job has crafted a stunning hot dog-shaped couch, reports architecture and design magazine Dezeen, as well as a few more pieces inspired by familiar comestibles.

A couch shaped like a hot dog Design Boom

The new home goods are being exhibited next month at design and decor fair Maison & Objet Paris, and Italian shop Seletti will sell them to the public, according to Design Boom. There are no prices listed yet, but considering the provenience and apparent quality and attention to detail, it’s likely that they won’t come cheap.

Tasteful interior decorators who don’t have enough space for a couch in the shape of a hot dog might instead be interested in a chair that has taken the form of a hamburger.

A hamburger-shaped chair Design Boom

Studio Job and Seletti are not just peddling comfy recliners that resemble foodstuffs. They have lighting to match in their forthcoming “Unlimited Editions” collection. Look at these banana lamps.

lamp shaped like a banana Dezeen

There’s no telling when these furnishings will hit the market for purchase. Hungry design enthusiasts will have to be patient.

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