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13 Photos of People Watching the Solar Eclipse at Waffle House

The chain proved a popular destination along the path of totality

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While yesterday’s solar eclipse could be seen all across the U.S., it was only along the path of totality — a 70-mile wide swath stretching from Oregon to South Carolina — that the sun could be seen fully blacking out the moon for a fleeting moment. Conveniently, there just so happens to be a whole bunch of Waffle Houses located along that path, and plenty of people flocked there to get their eclipse on with a side of smothered and covered hash browns.

Diners and restaurant staff alike took to the parking lots and even the rooftops of various Waffle House locations clustered along the path of totality to get a glimpse of this rare phenomenon, the likes of which hadn’t been seen since 1979. Some locations even decorated for the event, stringing cardboard cutouts of moons and stars from the ceiling as customers sporting eclipse glasses fueled up with plates of waffles, eggs, and bacon.

Below, 13 photos of people watching the solar eclipse at Waffle House:

Eclipse roof party.

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We down here Waffle House eclipsing, y'all! #2017eclipse #wafflehouse #southernbelles #eclipse #wheninthesouth

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Eclipse crew ready for the #totality! What better place to watch it than a #wafflehouse parking lot?

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Eclipse Decorations at waffle house #wafflehouse #eclipse2017 #eclipse #totaleclipse

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Fueling up for #Eclipse2007 #wafflehouse #blueridgega

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Preparing for #eclipse2017 at the #athensga #wafflehouse

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Waffle House stranded today at 2:30PM. #eclipse #wafflehouse

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#2017 #eclipse #roadtrip #wafflehouse #smothered #covered #chunked

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