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Starbucks Is Now Selling Sushi Burritos

The coffee chain dabbles in fusion cuisine


Starbucks just can’t resist chasing food trends: First it was avocado toast, and now the coffee chain has adopted the sushi burrito.

Sold as a Chicken Maki Roll, this creation is filled with sushi rice, shredded chicken, cucumber, pickled cabbage, onions, and avocado with tomatillo salsa and lime crema wrapped in a sheet of nori. It’s part of Starbucks’ new Mercato line, which includes other grab-and-go lunch items such as sandwiches and soups and is now available at select stores in Chicago and Seattle; the sushi burrito, however, is only currently available at two stores in downtown Chicago.

The sushi burrito trend started on the west coast and began trickling down to the rest of the nation last year — and while most examples of the fusion dish tend to include raw fish, that’s something most people would (understandably) be wary of plucking from the refrigerated case at their local Starbucks.

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