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Watch Gordon Ramsay and James Corden Judge Meals Cooked by Toddlers and Babies

This could almost be a real TV show

A handful of cooking competition shows, including Masterchef and Chopped, have sprouted kids-focused spinoffs — but what if they shifted to an even younger batch of contestants? That’s the conceit of a hilarious new sketch from The Late Late Show featuring Gordon Ramsay and James Corden.

On MasterChef Junior Junior toddlers and actual babies are tasked with preparing dishes for Corden and Ramsay, and the results include a croissant with a toy car baked in the middle, a doughnut made of Play-Doh, and a ground beef dish that makes the late night host violently ill. After sampling one plate of food, Ramsay addresses an infant contestant: “I’d tell you to walk out of this studio with your head down, but I know you haven’t developed the leg muscles to pull that off.”

Ramsay stuck around the show last night to talk about the many ways he embarrasses his children, and Corden also used this opportunity to exact some revenge upon the chef for backing out on a promise to take the host and his family to dinner.

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