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Soon You Can Blow Your Money on Supreme-Branded Chopsticks

And you can pour your sake from a Supreme-branded carafe

Supreme chopsticks Supreme

New York-based skate/fashion/lifestyle/logo brand Supreme is about to unleash its fall-winter 2017 collection, and as usual, it includes plenty of miscellaneous items no one needs. Like Donald Trump, Supreme loves slapping its name on random shit. Unlike Trump, all the cool youths want a piece.


What’s in the newest Supreme collection that will likely have the trend-chasers salivating? Among other things, chopsticks and a sake set, for some reason. The chopsticks are solid red (is this Supreme red?) and come in a matching box. The sake set includes a white carafe and two cups, each emblazoned with the Supreme logo. There are no price tags, but if history is any indication, they’ll be expensive. No doubt units will eventually show up on eBay at an even more exorbitant markup.

The Supreme online store will relaunch with its fall-winter collection on August 24, and as Munchies notes, people are already freaking out over the new gear. Anyone who finds themselves at a dinner party with Supreme-branded utensils in the coming months will be confident in the knowledge that they are among the trendiest human beings on the planet.

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