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Starbucks-Loving NFL Player Stefon Diggs Gets Custom Coffee Cleats

He can kick a field goal then wait in line for Frappucinos

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs is apparently a major fan of omnipresent, trend-swallowing coffee chain Starbucks. And tonight, Diggs will take his fandom to the next level by wearing a pair of custom cleats to a preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks.

The shoes, which were made by Mache Custom Kicks, have a band that looks like the chain’s coffee sleeves, and the toe has checkmark boxes like the side of ‘Bucks cup. And, for authenticity’s sake, the heel also has Diggs’s name misspelled as “Digz.” Here’s the 360° shot:

Diggs hopped on Twitter yesterday to further demonstrate his fidelity to the brand:

The Washington Post notes that players who wear branded cleats during games are subject to fines from the NFL, but the organization allows team members to sport them during warm-ups. Starbucks did not work with Mache on these shoes — they’re just an “artistic expression of a man’s love” for the brand, according to the designer.

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