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Lebron James Hates Angel Hair Spaghetti and He’s Not Wrong

On Twitter, the King gets real about pasta


Lebron James’s Twitter use frequently sends basketball fans into a flurry. He’s the master of well-documented petty Twitter unfollows that lead to gossip flames, sure. But now, he’s moving into sharing his opinions on pasta. In an added comment to a tweet about spaghetti, James expressed his discontent with angel hair pasta being used in spaghetti: “To (sic) soupy if u use those noddles (sic). No substance at all.”

Although the original tweet is sexist and silly, James’s response rings true: There’s a time and a place for angel hair, and spaghetti is not one of them. Spaghetti needs sauce, and a saucy pasta dish needs a strong noodle to stand up to the liquid. Angel hair just doesn’t have the range, and Lebron doesn’t want or need it.