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Taco Bell’s New Breakfast Taco Has a Fried Egg for a Shell

It hits stores nationwide on August 31

The naked egg taco, topped with browned potatoes and shredded cheese, on a blond wood table with a black background. Taco Bell

Taco Bell continues its work in the very important field of developing alternative taco wrappers: Its newest menu item is a breakfast taco with a fried egg standing in for a tortilla. Called the Naked Egg Taco, the pliable shell is made entirely of egg and sandwiches a filling of potatoes, cheese, and bacon or sausage.

It’s slated to hit menus nationwide on August 31 for $1.99, following an initial test run in Michigan that began back in the spring. The Naked Egg Taco follows in the footsteps of the fried chicken shell taco, which was a big hit until the limited-run item was yanked from the menu back in February.

Taco Bell’s other recent innovations in breakfast taco shells have included waffles and biscuits, so this newest item may pique the interest of carb-avoidant fast food fans.

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