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This Squid Ice Cream Cone Is a Lot to Process

An impressively weird dessert washes ashore in New Zealand

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An ice cream shop in Auckland, New Zealand is taking the burgeoning goth dessert trend to new heights by serving a giant chocolate-dipped cone with a mantle and menacing tentacles protruding from the top of creamy sphere. The chef at Giapo Kitchen thought that this undeniably phallic treat would be a nice way to commemorate the 10th anniversary of The Colossal Squid’s arrival at the Museum of Te Papa Tongarewa. Here’s a clip of the chocolate tentacles being inserted into the cone after it’s dipped:

Colossal Squid

Posted by Giapo on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The squid dessert is just as spooky as the charcoal ice cream cones that started infiltrating Instagram feeds around New York and Los Angeles last year, but the New Zealand treat gets bonus creep-out points for being humongous, unwieldy, and disturbingly sexual.

These desserts are a refreshing counterpoint to the glittery, rainbow-colored theatrics of the Lisa Frankenfoods trend. Long may they reign.

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