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Taco Bell Is Testing a Sweet and Spicy Pop Rocks Burrito

Plus, Shake Shack’s clam burger and more news to know today

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  • Taco Bell is testing out a limited run of burritos with spicy popping crystals. According to Food Beast, the burritos consist of “rice, nacho cheese, sour cream, beef, and red tortilla strips” annnnnnd little packets of sweet and spicy Pop Rocks. They are available in four stores in Southern California until August 16.

  • Fried clams on a Shackburger? Sure why not?

CLAMBurgers with Crispy Little Neck Clams: Something special for our weekend pop up at EMP Summer House...

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  • A waiter in a seaside Italian town kicked out the town’s mayor, because his cargo shorts didn’t conform to the upscale restaurant’s dress code. The mayor wrote on Facebook that he was humiliated.

  • Dave Chang’s go-to order at In-n-Out is a grilled cheese with grilled tomatoes, “animal style.” He respects the team chemistry of the chain and likes to stick around after he eats to observe how everyone works together.

  • For anyone wondering, this is what’s currently inside Alice Waters’ fridge:

  • And here’s Channing Tatum dancing with a woman in a convenience store: