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Starbucks Is Now Bottling Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Plus, a brand refresh for Tender Greens and more food news to know today

  • Paula Scher, the designer behind Shake Shack’s logo and branding, oversaw the brand new refresh of Danny Meyer-backed salad chain Tender Greens. The new logo focuses on the “g” in Tender Greens but also kind of looks like a teapot on a ball. Or part of a snowman. Or a confused semicolon. Or opera glasses on their side. It’s meant to represent a crock pot and a plate, and they plan to impose different dishes over the plates in marketing materials.

  • The U.S. team is gearing up for the next Bocuse D’or, the international culinary competition that takes place every other year — and that the U.S. won this January. The three final pairs of candidates hail from Elaia & Olio in St. Lous and Mourad and Coi, both in San Francisco.

  • In a new breakthrough, scientists discovered that vitamin B3, or niacin, aids in preventing miscarriages. The vitamin is found in meat, green vegetables, and Aussie favorite Vegemite.

  • What to do when life gives you an abundance of jellyfish due to climate change? Make jellyfish chips.