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Watch Robert Pattinson’s Insane Short Film About Finding Hot Dogs

Who knew this guy was so funny?

Robert Pattinson, the actor who played the main vampire in the Twilight films, clearly has a taste for the absurd. In a delightfully weird new short film for GQ, the movie star depicts his life as an anxiety-ridden nightmare, where he’s afraid to leave his posh New York City hotel room and risk a brush with the paparazzi or fans who might recognize him from his movies. But when hunger pangs set in, Pattinson decides to put on a hat and some shades and voyage out into the urban wilderness to find a “New York City hot dog.”

Once he steps outside, the actor is paralyzed by all the decisions he has to make. “This city is a labyrinth designed to mock me,” he thinks to himself. After a subway ride, a failed attempt at hailing a cab, and an Uber ride through downtown Manhattan, he finally finds Papaya King on St. Mark’s Place. While double-fisting hot dogs, Pattinson thinks to himself: “I knew I was just a normal human being. You can call me Rob — I eat hot dogs!”

This odd gem was written and directed by the actor, who is currently on the cover of the September issue of GQ.
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