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Watch: LA Has a Love-Hate Relationship With These Tacos

'Cult Following' heads to Tito's to sample one of the city's most divisive dishes

Los Angeles may be known for serving some of the nation’s best Mexican food, but it’s also home to some unique hard-shell tacos that get people seriously riled up. In this episode of Cult Following, host Serena Dai finds out what makes Tito’s Tacos in Culver City, California such a lightning rod.

The deep-fried tacos at Tito’s inspire obsession: The family-owned restaurant has been around since 1959, and it’s constantly packed with folks — including celebrities such as Jack Black — who come for the tacos, burritos, and chips and salsa.

But Tito’s is also one of the most divisive restaurants in LA. While some people go nuts for it, others say it serves one of the worst examples of a taco. Urban Dictionary even offers two divergent definitions of Tito’s — “an amazing Mexican restaurant” and “an overhyped, ‘Mexican’ restaurant” serving tacos that are likened to those found at Jack in the Box.

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