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Starbucks’ Newest Drink Involves Beef Jerky

Even weirder than the Unicorn Frappuccino

Starbucks / keriluamox via Flickr

Starbucks’ newest beverage is decidedly stranger than even the Instagram-bait Unicorn Frappuccino that terrorized baristas in May. It includes a rather unlikely ingredient: beef jerky.

Officially known as “Pepper Nitro with a Jerky Twist,” the drink consists of nitro cold-brew made from Congo beans that’s been infused with a malted fennel black pepper syrup; it’s topped off with a layer of honey cold foam, then garnished with cracked pink peppercorn and a skewer of grass-fed beef jerky.

Starbucks obsessives won’t be able to grab this one at their local drive-thru window, however: It’s only available at the company’s ultra-fancy Roastery location in Seattle. And though the Roastery has often served as a source of innovation for the rest of the chain since opening in 20TK, it seems unlikely that this particular drink will trickle down to regular Starbucks stores in the form of a Beef Jerky Frappuccino. (Hopefully.)