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‘Sweetbitter’ Might Be the Next Big Restaurant TV Show

Plus, unicorn Fruit Loops and other food news to know today

  • Server-turned-bestselling novelist Stephanie Danler’s book Sweetbitter will be developed into a “potential half-hour drama series.” The book is described as Kitchen Confidential meets Bridget Jones, and follows a 22-year-old server through the ups and downs of her front-of-house job, set against the “rich and grimy backdrop of exclusive restaurants, conjuring a nonstop and high-adrenaline world evoking the possibility, beauty and fragility of being young and adrift.”
  • Are the wines from Amazon, Costco, and Whole Foods any good? Find out here.
  • As part of a federally funded program, libraries across the country provide summer lunches for low-income children. The libraries must be in areas where at least 50 percent of students get free or reduced-price meals, but all children in the area are welcome to the summer meals. “There’s a diversity that prevents free lunches from being stigmatized,” one library patron said. “No one asks questions and our kids are fed.”
  • Why are the owners of Food Network and the Discovery Channel pursuing a $15 billion merger? They’ve identified a “huge opportunity on a digital basis, on a social basis, and in short-form content.”
  • Trend alert: Kellogg’s now sells Unicorn Froot Loops in Germany. Yes, just in Germany.
  • And IHOP’s newest menu offers “French Toasted Donuts,” aka vanilla-battered doughnuts in flavors like bacon and maple or strawberries and cream.
  • Guest worker visas are a complicated solution to the wine industry’s growing labor shortage.