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This Might Be the Most Elaborate Latte Art Ever

Plus, more news in the world of food to know this week

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This Seoul barista’s latte art made the internet’s collective jaw drop

It’s beautiful, it’s stunning, it could hang in the Louvre; it’s a Van Gogh in a coffee cup! But let’s address the elephant in the room: These exquisite designs take barista Lee-Kang-bin about 15 minutes each to complete, effectively turning your flat white into an extremely pretty lukewarm puddle when it’s served, so... at least you can Instagram it?

“If you are uncomfortable with a naked baby, then please do not come to our restaurant” says Tennessee vegan cafe owner

Most of the time when you hear about complaints regarding kids in restaurants, it’s targeted at diners, not the owners. Not so at Imagine Vegan Cafe in Memphis, whose Google and Facebook pages went viral this week after customers complained of a naked baby running about the restaurant as they ate. The cafe bit back, with the owners telling “haters” not to bother showing up, and arguing that for their 21-month-year-old, “periodically she will not have a diaper on and that is life.”

Courtesy of Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is finally jumping on the funfetti bandwagon

You remember Funfetti, right? The cake that was an essential element of every kid’s birthday party in the 1990s? It’s been kind of a big deal in the world of desserts the past few years, largely as a signature offering of uber-popular East Coast chain Milk Bar.

It’s since expanded everywhere else, and now suburban date night juggernaut the Cheesecake Factory is finally bringing Funfetti into the fold, announcing its newest menu item, officially called “the Celebration Cheesecake.” Expect to it see all over Instagram once it debuts at the end of the month.

Neilson Barnard / Staff

Domestic goddess Nigella Lawson trolled pasta purists by adding cream to carbonara

This is a story of internet outrage. It starts with carbonara, arguably the perfect pasta. It’s rich, it’s cheesy — with carbs, eggs, and guanciale, it’s essentially what a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich imagines could have been in an ideal universe. Importantly, it’s also very creamy, but with the notable absence of any added cream.

English celebrity chef Nigella Lawson seems to disagree with this tradition, however — she posted a recipe for “inauthentic” carbonara to her Facebook this week, setting off a chorus of anguish from fans. HOW she could EVER call this carbonara, they demanded. How could she even CALL HERSELF A CHEF? The domestic goddess remains unbothered though; her response to the critics? A withering silence.

Alton Brown’s iconic food series Good Eats is coming back to TV

The wait is (almost) over! We know next to nothing about this reboot right now, other than the teaser trailer for it is kind of spooky, and the internet is pretty much salivating for new episodes.

Steak photo: Getty/Brian Vander Brug. Idris photo: Getty/David M. Benett.

Idris Elba has at least one thing in common with Donald Trump: his steak order

The heartthrob and James Bond hopeful revealed this week he has at least one flaw: He’s a fan of well-done beef, much like another famous meat eater, the President. Well, at least Elba doesn’t smother his steak in ketchup (as far as we know).

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